Sports Knee Injuries,
Joint Preservation, Biologics & Knee Joint Arthroplasty

I am an orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in addressing injuries and degenerative disorders of the knee joint. My goal is to restore your mobility using the latest advances in technology, research, and evidence-based practices.

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Knee injuries can go a long way in reducing your ability to engage in activities of daily living or sports. This eventually impacts a person’s independence, comfort, and overall well-being. We’ve come a long way in orthopaedics and now have a range of options to treat different patterns of knee injury. Ligament injuries and meniscal tears are predominantly treated arthroscopically, while conditions like osteoarthritis are managed initially with targeted physiotherapy, and if bad enough eventually some form of knee replacement surgery. Select patients qualify for joint preservation techniques, where we can buy time using biologic therapies and a lower limb alignment altering procedures.

Today, surgery should be personalised, and tailor made for each patient. Your joint and alignment is unique to you and so surgery should be planned and executed for your individual anatomy. Using the latest in imaging technology, robots, and navigation we can achieve accuracy and outcomes that we once thought impossible.

Not all injuries warrant surgery and shared decision making is essential to realise patient goals and prevent further injuries. My goal is to together plan the best customised treatment strategy to restore your active lifestyle, confidence, and mobility. More than ever, I am convinced that it is essential for surgeons to be involved in data collection and research, to be objective about surgical results and deliver the highest standard of care. For this reason, I continue to publish and collaborate with my colleagues globally, attend symposia, and collate my own surgical data to ensure the best care for my patients’ knee joints.



Sport Injuries

  • Knee Ligament Injuries.
  • Meniscus Tear.
  • Cartilage Injury.

Joint Preservation & Biologics

  • Alignment Osteotomy
  • Meniscus Transplants
  • Biologic Injectables
  • Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation Protocols

Knee Joint Arthroplasty

  • Unicondylar Knee Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement

Surgeries performed by Dr. Jacob

  • Arthroscopy of the knee
  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstructions
  • Arthroscopic meniscal repair/ Meniscectomy
  • Mensicus transplant
  • High Tibial Osteotomy
  • Autologous Cartilage Implantation/ AutoCart
  • Osteochondral autograft transfer/ Mosaicplasty
  • Management of Patella Dislocation disorders
  • Management of multi-ligament knee injuries
  • Robotic or Instrumented Knee Replacement
  • Uni-compartmental (partial) KneeReplacement


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